The main of Erectile Dysfunction

The main of Erectile DysfunctionErectile dysfunction (ED) is a dysfunction accompanied by the incapability to attain or preserve rigid erection during sexual activity. Often it is called impotence. The flow of blood into the penis provokes an erection and is raised by thoughts of sex or by direct touch with the phallus. Practically all male will meet erectile dysfunction at some period of their life. Impotence is a very common problem among men particularly of 40 and 70 ages. The ED increases with age. It may be occasional in some special moments of life (such as stress) and frequent which shows the serious health problems. In case of frequent ED it also can be a sign of relationship difficulties or emotional, or professional. Commonly, when the man is healthy then there is no problem in sexual life.


ED occurs at different stages of the erection process as a result of health problems. For example, because of the damaged penile arteries they do not reveal in the right way and cannot permit blood flow in.

Among reasons should denote as physical so psychological consequences.

Among physical problems we mark:

  • chronic illnesses (diabetes, atherosclerosis);
  • a side-effect of using medications;
  • a slight movement of blood flow to the phallus;
  • anatomical condition;
  • problems with hormones;
  • surgical interference;
  • drinking too much alcohol;
  • problems with sleep;
  • damage with blood vessel;
  • fattiness;
  • problems with thyroids;
  • high level of blood pressure;
  • high level of cholesterol;
  • low level of testosterone;
  • tobacco use;
  • drug use;

Psychological consequences may be the following:

  • relationship problems;
  • being too tired;
  • stress;
  • fatigue;
  • anxiety;
  • depression;
  • past sexual problems.

Both physical and psychological disorders can provoke impotence. Usually all factors appear individually or in combination. It is fair to say that stress prevails and plays a main role among causes of ED.

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

Erectile Dysfunction SymptomsAmong symptoms we mark: problems to achieve, to preserve stiffy, occurrence of debased wish of sex.

The major symptom of dysfunction is the incapacity to access or maintain an erection. These are the cases when a man is incapable for a long enough erection and cannot continue sexual intimacy. Sometimes a man feels he cannot satisfy his partner. So we say about psychological symptoms, namely, signs of low self-esteem and depression state.

Diagnosing and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Nowadays there exist many variants of ED treatment. A certain type is relevant to a genuine cause of erectile dysfunction. The effective treatment depends on a correct cause identification outgoing of your talk with a doctor ( Some men try to find online information of ED treatment not realizing that it can be harmful for their health and not appropriate for their case. So, only a consultation with a professional can ensure the effective treatment.

May be you have to change your lifestyle to gain effect (quitting smoking or using drugs, cutting down alcohol consumption, exercising to maintain a healthy weight).

To get a diagnosis you need to answer questions about the symptoms, to get physical examination and some tests (blood level tests of glucose, of testosterone, of lipid, of sugar). Also connecting with heart illnesses a doctor can appoint an electrocardiogram. There may be blood flow tests conducted.

Nowadays there exist preparations for potency intensification. Among them we can denote Viagra, Cialis and Levitra ( These are time proved preparations and very effective. Viagra and Levitra are the similar chemical type of the remedies, have cognate way of influence.

Another alternative which a doctor can suggest is a medicine called alprostadil. It is a man-made synthetic hormone for stimulating blood flow to the penis.

However, there are many counterindications for men suffer of heart diseases with serious medical conditions. So you should refuse of this treatment.

In case you have any counterindications the doctor can suggest other way of treatment. Among these alternatives we denote mechanical aids, such as a penis pump or a penile implant. This method is effective enough as causes the blood flow to penis erecting it for 30 minutes approximately. It can be successful in 90% of cases.

Surgery for erectile dysfunction is usually only proposed if all other methods have met with no success.

Psychological therapy (psychosexual counseling), meditation is useful as stress relief methods and sex therapy can be applied.

Among the preventative measures of ED the basic meaning is given to lifestyle updating, increasing of physical activity, prevention of hormonal and cardiovasculare diseases, graded approach in choice of medicinal preparations.

The popular methods of treatments are able to help men with ED when they’re used appropriately. Mind of side effects, administration, drug interactions, and other factors that can help determine which type of treatment may be best for you.