Things That Wreck your Erection

Things That Wreck your Erection

Lifestyle can affect potency. What you eat and drink, how you sleep, what you do – all affect the potency. Some things can negatively affect your sex and health in the reproductive system. To have a perfect erection, you need to know about those moments that are destroying it daily. All the bad habits, smoking, drinking, visiting clubs but not the sports sections, can affect your sex. Remember that hormone testosterone greatly affects the erection, and you need to do all that it was a lot of blood. Next, we describe the items that are related to your erectile function:

  1. BPA – first enemy for your erection.

As for BPA effects on adult body, it is even more harmful. According to the Environmental Health Perspectives journal, recently the University of Cincinnati researchers have shown that BPA can cause prostate cancer and also reduce the effectiveness of its treatment. British scientists from the Medical School in Exeter once again confirmed the available evidence that BPA increases the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. And before their colleagues found that the chemical causes reproductive abnormalities and negatively affect the potency in men.

  1. Sugar – the second enemy for erectile function.

If you need to increase the release of the hormone, it is necessary to almost completely abandon the use of sugar and salt. Men believe that their “beer bellies” please women; it does not interfere with them. But it is a disease that manifests itself elsewhere – in the very place. Carbonated beverages contain 9.5 times more sugar that leads to obesity, loss of potency, the development of diabetes and the stress on the heart due to excess weight. Is it necessary for you?

  1. Interrelation of erection and duration of sleep

Scientists from the University of Chicago said that the potency is reduced due to the short sleep. If a man is tired after work, he is not sleeping or sleeping only 5 hours, the level of male hormones is reduced. While sleeping testosterone is produced, therefore it should last for at least 6-7 hours. Do not be surprised afterwards, that your penis can not get up and last long during sex, if you sleep 4-6 hours every night.

  1. Baby-boom in your bedroom

Investigations of “bedroom” were conducted by scientists from the University of Notre Dame. They believe that a newborn baby that sleeps in the same room with parents, have a negative effect on male potency. This is a psychological factor that greatly affects only men. While sleeping, testosterone falls, if the dream is interrupted because of crying and screaming. It’s the same thing that to put multiple alarms during the night. A man also cannot cope with premature ejaculation and impotence at all, if in the room there is a third person.

  1. Soya is killing potency

If you are tired of your erections, so there is bad advice – rejection of spices and herbs, seafood, nuts, dairy products, lean meats and foods that contains large amounts of protein material will significantly reduce the potency without any harm to the body. It is recommended even for a while to eat high amounts of sugar and salt. These components prevent the development of the male sex hormone. Soy also helps to reduce the potency, thanks to its content of plant hormones, which are analogous to the female. You can pamper yourself with smoked meat, cola, beer, white bread. Consumption of these products will reduce the blood level of testosterone, which consequently affect sexual function as necessary.

  1. Vitamin D and male potency

30% of study participants showed a deficit of “solar” vitamin, that is, its content in one milliliter of blood was less than 20-ty nanogram. 16% of all surveyed men complained of problems with erection. It was found that vitamin D insufficiency occurs in 35% of men with erectile dysfunction, and 29% of those who do not have problems in the sexual sphere. Scientists concluded that men with vitamin D deficiency have a risk till 32%.

  1. Physical exercises

Sport is not always useful, especially when it comes to running. University of British Columbia confirmed, when a man ran in the morning every day for a few miles, and his testosterone fell by 17%. It is triggered by the fact that the brain gets tired in the morning and in the evening cannot “make contact” with the glands that produce hormones.

  1. Per mille… of alcohol

You thought that a glass of your favorite wine or beer wouldn`t have killed the potency. No, this is the first and most powerful substance that kills the potency slowly but surely. This is the only foods that contain a lot of the female hormone progesterone. The University of Oklahoma even conducted an experiment, giving the men a drink. Perhaps one glass could not have done, because hormone levels decline should be triggered by several liters. University of Wisconsin said that for reducing the level of hormones you need to drink too much.